How to

Add new listing for your Business or Concern


  1. Register to our website or login       [Click here to register or login]
    1. You may register by your email id and password
    2. You may register by your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+ account by just clicking on the respective image.
  2. Look at top menu bar and click on Add Listing      [Click here to Add Listing]
  3. Complete the “Add Place” form accurately.
  4. Mark your exact location on Google Maps.
  5. Upload photos of your shop (External, Internal, Special Products and Shop Owners)
  6. Click the box for Accept Terms & Conditions
  7. Submit your listing
  8. Review your listing on new page.
  9. Edit if necessary.
  10. Publish…
So simple. Spend 5 minutes and feel the magic.
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